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World Vodka Awards 2016


World's Best Vodka

World's Best Vodka
Best Varietal Vodka
Valentine Vodka
United States

"Lots of complex flavour through the nose and palate - a wonderful example of multigrain vodka. Sweet, smooth and creamy on the tongue with a clean and supple finish."
World's Best Design

World's Best Design
Dingle Vodka

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Best Flavoured Vodka
Best Flavoured VodkaBulbash ?1 Zubrovaya PremiumBelarus
Best Pure Neutral Vodka
Best Pure Neutral VodkaUntamed Irish VodkaIreland
Best Premium Design
Best Premium DesignPoniatowski Vodka Exquisite
Best New Launch Design
Best New Launch DesignKalak Vodka Ireland
Best On Trade Design
Best On Trade DesignDingle Vodka Ireland
Best Standard Design
Best Standard DesignEmory Vodka United States